Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three Things to Watch This Week - Week 16

The AFC East Champion New England Patriots play Ryan Fitzpatrick Bryce Petty* and the New York Jets at Gillette on Saturday December 24th at 1:00 PM.

*"Bryce Petty" sounds like a made up movie NASCAR driver name.

Tom takes a moment to meet with a fan after the game.

I'm probably going to miss the game on Saturday.  We'll be spending the holidays at an undisclosed location.  This upsets me greatly.  I haven't flat out missed a game since 1998.  Balls.

Dion Power Rankings:

1) Lewis

2) DiMucci

3) -ysus

4) Phaneuf (married to Elisha Cuthbert!)

5) Celine

Here's three things I'd be watching for on Saturday (if I was able to watch the game):

1) Devin McCourty - The McCourty hit on Demaryius Thomas was a thing of beauty.  The defense is coming together nicely over the last few weeks.  Great timing!

2) Chris Hogan - There's a nifty little "top 10 Brady plays of the year" video... And about 1/2 of them are deep balls to Hogan.  Good signing.

3) Malcolm Butler - I would have put him in the Pro Bowl, but that's just me.

FREE AGENT WATCH: Has Malcolm Butler, Jamie Collins or Dont'a Hightower been resigned yet?  Not yet!

(Kinda losing out on hope that this will happen during the season, you guys.)

Did Malcolm Mitchell have a catch last week?  Just one... But it was a beauty.

My prediction: Pats 27, Jets 10

This year, we're going to have regular contributions from Fake Bill Belichick for your reading pleasure.

You like Christmas movies?  Don't tell anyone this, but... I love them.  Can't get enough of them.

Whenever Home Alone is on cable, I stop what I'm doing and watch the whole thing.

When Kevin comes up with the perfect game plan to thwart his heavily favored opponents?  That speaks to me directly.

He even uses his extensive knowledge of game film to help keep the bad guys out.

And John Candy.  Underrated guy.  Don't sleep on those SCTV vets.  Great program.

I also may have had a thing with Catherine O'Hara, but that's a story for another time.

Great stuff.

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