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Five Things to Watch This Week - Super Bowl XLIX

The Patriots play Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, February 1 at 6:30 PM.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  It's been an entertaining season.

Avast, me Hearties!  Hide your MILFs.  Be doing yer job.   
With the exception of maybe the 2007 team, this is the most talented Patriots team of the last 10 years.  And unlike the last time this team was in the Super Bowl, they appear to be relatively healthy.  I really hope they can cash one in.

Some or all of these guys will need to have big games on Sunday for the Patriots to win:

1) Tom Brady 2) Julian Edelman 3) Rob Gronkowski (and if Seattle sells out to take Edelman and Gronkowski away, Blount, LaFell and Amendola (gulp) will need to step up) 4) Darrelle Revis and 5) Chandler Jones / Rob Ninkovich.

And hopefully we end up somewhere under 37 pass interference flags on Brandon Browner.

That's pretty much it.

Did Michael Hoomanawanui have a catch last week?


I'm not …

Five Things to Watch This Week - AFC Championship Game

The Patriots play the AFC Championship Game at Gillette against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday January 18th and 6:40 PM

Are the Colts a tough match-up?  Of course they are.  I'm not overlooking them at all.

BUT (big butt?)... I'd be lying if I said the Ravens didn't scare me a whole bunch more than these Colts.  So I'm glad that one is behind us.

An Army that carries the Gronk before it... is invincible.
(Also...  Excellent Manningfreude last week!)

Who's the Boss? Power Rankings:

5) Jonathan

4) Angela

3) Tony

2) Samantha

1) Mona

(That show ran for 8 YEARS?!  Holy crap.)

Here are five guys I'll be watching this week:

1) Julian Edelman - That pass to Amendola was just filthy.  If Amendola had dropped that one, I personally would have gone to Patriots training camp every day next year with a "Cut Amendola" sign.

2) Darrelle Revis - He ended up being pretty fantastic this year.  The refs must have been confused without Browner out there last week, so the…