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Three Things to Watch This Week - Week 13

The first place New England Patriots play Jared Goff* and the St. Louis Los Angeles Rams at Gillette on Sunday December 4th at 1:00 PM.

Chris Long saves the day.

*If my last name was Goff, I would have named my son Geoff.  Geoff Goff.

Fisher Power Rankings:

1) King

2) Price

3) Cat

4) Carrie

5) Isla

6) & Sons Funeral Home

7) Antwone

8) Stevens


11,997) Jeff

Here's three guys I'll be keeping an eye on on Sunday afternoon:

1) Chris Long - We haven't really heard from Chris Long a ton this year, but I do enjoy game saving strip sacks.  So we'll take it.

2) LeGarrette Blount - I've really come to appreciate Blount this season.  He's moving better than previous years... despite this.

3) Martellus Bennett - Let's try to keep Bennett on the field.  I don't want to see anyone else getting hurt.

FREE AGENT WATCH: Has Malcolm Butler, Jamie Collins or Dont'a Hightower been resigned yet?  Not yet!

But... Marcus Cannon did!
Displaying photo.PNG

(note: not Marcus Cannon in picture... like... not even close...)

Not sure why he was a priority, but apparently he was.

Did Malcolm Mitchell have a catch last week?  Yes!  And two touchdowns!  I feel like we've uncovered a value stock here, folks.  I'm investing heavily in Malcolm Mitchell futures.

My prediction: Pats 28, Rams 13

This year, we're going to have regular contributions from Fake Bill Belichick for your reading pleasure.

With Gronk being down and out after surgery this week, the team lost one of its best weapons on offense.  Not ideal, people.

But... it's like when Peter Gabriel left Genesis and Phil Collins took over as the driving creative force of the band.  We're not going away.  We're going to keep moving forward.

Was there anything else approaching their prog classic The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway after that?

No, obviously not.  But... Still some pretty good work in there.

We've got more offensive diversity at this point than in years past.  Especially with the running back situation.  Let's see if Josh and Tom can put together their version of Duke.


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Turkey power rankings:

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Gilmore Power Rankings:

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The Patriots won ugly last week.  The good news is... that still counts as a win.  The bad news is that it took 3 missed FGs by the Bucs to seal the deal.

I've got to be honest with you.  I felt a little bad for Nick Folk.  Going out there and yakking 3 kicks in front of the home crowd has got to be a horrible feeling.

Moving forward.  I'm going to try to be as positive as possible this week.

1) Malcolm Butler - I still feel like he's our best corner.  He's a great tackler.  And he helps out in the run game.  (UPDATE: Stephon Gilmore is out this week.)

2) Brandin Cooks - I wish they would work him in a bit more.  The dude is fast.

3) Mike …