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Five Things to Watch This Week - AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

The Patriots play their second playoff game of the season at Gillette against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday January 22nd at 3:00 PM.

So much for not having won a playoff game in 4 years.

If I may be allowed to turn into Tawmmy from Quinzee for a moment...


Are the Patriots really as good as they looked last week?  Or was Denver just that bad?

Gronk is ripped!
I'm a little worried about Baltimore.  Joe Flacco is not so good.  Ray Rice still scares the crap out of me.  But I'm mostly concerned about how well our offensive line holds up against their defense.

Here's five guys I'll be counting on to keep Brady upright this week:

1 - 5) Matt Light, Logan Mankins, Dan Connolly, Brian Waters, Nate Solder - Brady will only be as good as these guys play upfront.  When they can give him time, he's deadly.  That's pretty much it.

Did Chad Ochocinco have a catch last week?


My prediction: Pats 34, Ravens 24

Stay hydrated, my fri…

Five Things to Watch This Week - PLAYOFFS!

The Patriots play their first playoff game of the season at Gillette against Denver Broncos on Saturday January 14th and 8:00 PM.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to track down any information about who's playing quarterback for the Broncos on Saturday.  If anyone can find this information somewhere, please let me know and I'll send it along.

Somehow Belichick whipped this team into shape and went 13 - 3.  13 -3 with a horrible, horrible defense.  But the NFL has changed.  It's not even the same league it was 10 years ago.   Does defense even matter anymore?

I'd really like to see a deep playoff run this year.  But with the recent history of this team in the playoffs, I'm keeping my expectations low. 

 Sterling Moore, winner of Week 17's "Wait, Who's That Guy?" award.
Here's five guys on offense I'm hoping can carry the team this week:

1) Tom Brady - I can finally bring myself to admit that Brady had a bad game against the Jets in th…