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Five Things to Watch This Week - Week 8

The Patriots play their eighth regular season game at Wembley Stadium in London against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday October 28st at 1:00 PM.

Let's see... How'd we do last week?

Late turnovers?  Check.

Sloppy defense?  Check.

Secondary giving up huge plays?  BIG CHECK.

Letting an inferior opponent hang around?  Check.

Inability to sustain a long drive in the 4th quarter to finish out the game?  Check?

/checks final score

Wait... We WON that game?  Whoa.

I'm tired of waiting for this defense to come around.  I thought this was going to be the year.  It's not.

Other than this hilarious safety, there wasn't much to feel good about.  (I've watched that on a loop for hours...  That will never, never get old.)

Ninkovich brings the pain.

Devin Power Rankings:

1) Hester

2) Banks

3) Cars

4) Castle

5) Hester (again)


11,9970) McCourty

Here's five things I'll be watching for this week:

1) Rob Ninkovich - Somebody on the defense finally made a game changing pla…

Five Things to Watch This Week - Week 7

The Patriots play their seventh regular season game at Gillette against the New York Jets on Sunday October 21st at 4:25 PM.

Welcome Back, Aaron Hernandez.
Bros and Lady Bros,

Not good times in Patriots Nation.  With that loss last week, we've already lost as many games as we did all of last year.

So is this a BAD TEAM?

Or is this a GOOD TEAM that's just not playing well?

We've lost 3 games by a total of 4 points.  There's no such thing as a good loss.  But it's also not like we're getting killed.

My first reaction after last week's game was to crap all over the secondary.  But I think the blame really lies with Brady on that loss.  Not too many plays from that game will be featured on the "TOM BRADY'S 100 GREATEST NFL MOMENTS" DVD I'll be buying 5 or 6 years from now.

Danny Power Rankings:

1) DeVito
2) Trejo
3) Torrance
4) Woodhead
5) Boy

Here's five guys I'll be expecting to play better this week:

1) Wes Welker - Welker showed up…

Five Things to Watch This Week - Week 6

The Patriots play their sixth regular season game at CenturyLink Field against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday October 14th at 4:05 PM.

Woop woop woop.
I re-watched most of the Pats - Broncos on the NFL Network Replay this week.  And let me tell you, it was definitely a butt kickin'.  It wasn't even as close as the final score would indicate.  The Patriots RAN ALL OVER the Broncos.  Whenever they wanted it, it was there for them.  Somebody on Twitter referred to the current Patriot's offense as "speed crushing" their opponents.  That's a pretty accurate description of what's been going on lately.  I can't ever remember seeing anything like this combination of speed and power.  Hopefully, it'll work on the road.

Newton Power Rankings

1) Isaac  
2) Cam
3) Raspberry
4) Huey
5) Fig


87) Apple

Here's five things I'll be watching for this week:

1) Stevan Ridley - Another solid week.  151 yards and a touchdown.  Was the late fumble was worrisom…

Five Things to Watch This Week - Week 5

The Patriots play their fifth regular season game at Gillette against the Denver Broncos on Sunday October 7th at 4:25 PM.

He's gonna get his name in the paper.

Oh you know... Just two of the five best QBs of all time playing this weekend.  NBD.

I'm no scout... but Peyton has no arm strength left.  Watch how many times he throws the ball more than 15 yards.  I think he's done.

I'm huge on the Patriots this week.  Especially if we can keep running the ball like we have been.

Sterling Power Rankings:

1) Archer
2) Roger
3) Hayden
4) Moore
5) Ice Cream Bar


11,957) John

Here's five things I'll be watching for this week:

1) Stevan Ridley - 106 yards and two touch downs last week.  I enjoyed the BenJarvus Green-Ellis era in New England, but I can't remember too many runs he ever had of more than five yards.  Ridley is a little more explosive.

2) Brandon Bolden - 137 yards and a touch down last week.  Welcome to the party, Brandon Bolden!  Some kind of crazy...…