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Three Things to Watch This Week - AFC Championship Game

The Patriots play the AFC Championship Game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Sunday January 24th at 3:05 PM.

Awwww!  The Denver Broncos?!

Chung Power Rankings:

1) Patrick

2) Jose

3) Wang

4) -king Express

5) Jamie

Here are three guys I'll be watching closely on Sunday:

1) Patrick Chung - Not quite excellent, but Patrick Chung has been very good all year.  Probably his best year as a pro in his seventh season.

2) Jamie Collins - If everybody is relatively healthy, I feel like we can win this game on defense.  If we can keep Denver under 20, we should be good.

3) Dont'a Hightower - Again... I apologize for calling him a bust in his rookie season.

My prediction: Pats 24, Broncos 15

And now we conclude The Adventures of Julian Edelman, Private Dick.

"You guys don't do protein shakes, right?"

"That's correct."

"But you can do milkshakes?"

"That's also correct."


Three Things to Watch This Week - AFC Divisional Playoff Game

The Patriots host the AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette against Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday January 16th and 4:30 PM

A normal sized human tries to cover The Gronk

What's wrong with this team right now?  Are they healthy?  Are they smoking something?  Why does the coach have a black eye?  Why so many distractions?  How did this team lose 4 of its last 6 games?

I'm not liking it.  Something feels off.  Too many questions.

The good news is... At least we're not getting Phil Simms this week!

Alan Power Rankings:

1) Rickman

2) Branch

3) Ruck (he's married to Mireille Enos?!)

4) Smithee

5) Alda

6) Alan from Sesame Street

7) Tudyk

Here's three things I'm worried about going into this week's game:

1) Chandler Jones - Chandler Jones pulled a Robert Downey Jr. last week.  Why you do this thing, Chandler Jones?  It you're not sure what it is or where it came from, don't smoke it.

2) Rob Gronkowski - Gronkowski missed practice with kn…