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Five Things to Watch This Week - Week 15

The Patriots play their fourteenth game of the year at Gillette Stadium against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday December 14th at 1:00 PM.

This is it, guys.  The last stretch of games before the playoffs.

Also... No more late night games.  Which is good for older fans like me.  Waking up on a Monday morning after a late game is awful.  Oh, how I love you, 1 PM games!

Nice Big Boy win on the road last week.  Game balls to Julian Edelman and Jamie Collins.  That dude was everywhere last week.

Agent Cooper says good win last week
Here are five guys I'm excited to watch this week:

1) Tom Brady - Does anyone ever remember seeing Brady move around in the pocket as much as he has this year?  I'm not saying he's Randall Cunningham or anything like that.  But he's definitely gotten better at moving his feet.  That's not usually a skill you add at 37.

2 - 4) LeGarrette Blount / Jonas Gray / Shane Vereen - My sources tell me the Dolphins are vulnerable against the run (Source: so…

Five Things to Watch This Week - Week 14

The Patriots play their thirteenth game of the year at Qualcomm Stadium against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday December 7th at 8:30 PM.

Late Game, everyone.  Try to take a nap on Sunday afternoon if you can.  Unless you live on the West Coast.  I assume you people already sleep 12 hours a day.

Gronk Richshaw
I'm not saying I feel good about it...  There's no such thing as a good loss.  But that loss to Green Bay was at least acceptable.  Non-conference game.  Tough opponent.  On the road.

If you told me the defense would hold the Packers to 26 points at home, I'd haven taken that and been happy with it.

BUT... It took the offense way too long to get in gear.  Still not sure why we couldn't (or wouldn't) run the ball against Green Bay.

Powers Rankings:

1) Austin

2) Boothe

3) Mighty Morphin

4) Super

5) Stefanie

Here are five guys I'm hoping can play on Sunday:

1) Dont'a Hightower - Definitely not a bust.  I may have been too harsh on him last year.  He's…