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Three Things to Watch This Week - Week 12

The 10 - 0 New England Patriots play Peyton Manning Brock Osweiler and the 8 - 2 Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sunday November 29th at 8:30 PM.

I was going to give you the standard list of reasons why Brady is better than Manning... But now we're facing Brock Osweiler instead.  Could he be better than Brady?  We just don't know.  This Osweiler guy has never lost a game.

Game balls to Rob Ninkovich and Dont'a Hightower for the win against the Bills.  The defense has been good this season.  Way better than I expected given the losses of Revis and Wilfork.

Me vs. Pecan Pie (-3.5)

Malcolm Power Rankings:

1) Butler

2) Prince of Cumberland

3) Jamal Warner

4) X

5) in the Middle

Here's three things I'm thankful for this week:

1) Rob Gronkwoski - Possibly the last remaining receiver that Brady trusts.  If I'm Denver, I put 4 - 5 guys on him.

2) James White - He's no Dion Lewis, but he showed signs of life last week.

3) Stephen Gostkowski - …

Three Things to Watch This Week - Week 9

The 7 - 0 New England Patriots play Kirk Cousins and the 3 - 4 Washington Professional Football Team at Gillette on Sunday November 8th at 1:00 PM.

Game balls to Tom Brady and Dion Lewis for last week's game against Miami.  Dion Lewis is delightful to watch.

Oh my.

Here's three things I'll be watching for on Sunday:

1) Stephen Gostkowski - Consistently excellent.  Probably deserves more credit than he gets.  Did you know he's the Patriots' all-time leading scorer?  He is!  The more you know.

2) Bryan Stork - Getting The Stork back this week.  Alright alright.

3) No third thing this week.

Did Scott Chandler get flagged for offensive pass interference last week?  No!

Did Michael Williams have a catch last week?  No!

Dramatic music.

My prediction: Pats 35, Washington Professional Football Team 17


This week we have Fake Josh McDaniels's Movie Corner for your reading pleasure.

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