Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Things to Watch This Week - Divisional Playoff Round

The Patriots play their first playoff game against the Jets at Gillette on Sunday, January 16th at 4:30 PM.

I'm so ready for this game.  This is the playoffs, people (PLAYOFFS?!).  Let's all act like we've been here before.

Did anyone actually watch the Jets - Colts game last week?  The Jets may have won, but Mark Sanchez looked GAWD AWFUL.  How deep can you really go in the playoffs with a guy like that?

But you know what does scare me just a little?  The Jets running game.  We are thin thin thin along the defensive line.  If I was Rex Ryan... I would be into feet.  But I would also steal the Week 15 game plan from the Green Bay Packers and run the ball 120 times.  They came into Foxboro and ran the ball all over us.

The other item from this week that everyone is flipping out about is Antonio Cromartie is blasting Tom Brady.  Really?  This is news?  This is the same guy that can't remember all his kids' names (unless one of his daughters is actually named "Daughter")

Here's five things I'll be watching for this week.  Let's go with the 5 team MVPs this season

1) Tom Brady - Statistically, one of the best years ever by a QB.  I think Brady is ready to release the hounds this week.  As long as they get him the ball back, he's going to put up points.

2) Devin McCourty - Seven interceptions and a trip to the Pro Bowl?  Not bad for a guy everyone thought was a reach in the first round and was going to be a special teamer / nickelback guy at best.  Even if he doesn't win Defensive Rookie of the Year, he was still a fantastic pick. 

3) Vince Wilfork - In a year with a lot of turnover on the defensive line, Wilfork has been the rock.

4) Jarod Mayo - Glad to see this guy back at 100%.  He was a beast this year.

5) Wes Welker - If it wasn't for Michael Vick, he'd be a sure bet for comeback player of the year.  A shoe-in even. (I could have gone with Rob Gronkowski here, but going with Welker allows me to link to this:  Wes Welker Makes 11 References To Feet In One Press Conference)

My prediction: Pats 35, Jets 24

OTHER PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS:  I'm picking all four home teams this weekend.  But since I went 0 - 4 last weekend, you may want take any gambling advice from me with a fairly large grain of salt.

Now... Let's go eat a goddamn snack.