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Hey Hey Hey!

Welcome back!

After a full off-season of "When is my team going to make a big move?", Adam Schefter tweets:

"Filed to ESPN: Washington traded DT Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots for a fifth-round pick in 2013. "

My first reaction was... WHA?!

Not a great guy, sure.

But here's the thing though... What if this actually works out?  What if he shows up and plays?

A fifth round pick in 2013 isn't much to give up.  And d-line is already a source of strength for the Patriots.  So if he acts up, he's gone.

I'm sure conditioning is going to be a problem.  I can't imagine he kept himself in great shape during the lockout.

Belichick is totally in the "Eff you, I'm Keith Hernandez" zone.

Plus this trade gives me the excuse to run this video all season: